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Established 1988

Important Notice regarding Covid-19

Covid-19 update 23/03/2020

Dear patients
Following the government’s advice on social distancing we have made the difficult decision to only see urgent and acute patients as a result of the risk presented by the Coronavirus pandemic. We will be open Mon, Tue, Thurs & Fri from 10am till 6pm.
We will be spacing out the available appointments to avoid contacts between patients.
Our emergency mobile number is still available for free of charge consultation only. For any appointment related queries please contact the clinics directly.

Covid-19 update 22/03/2020

Dear patients
We would like to inform you that we are open for now unless advised by the government, the British Chiropractic Association or the General Chiropractic council, otherwise.
We have implemented stringent cleaning protocols and taking all necessary precautions.
We would like to ask, if you feel unwell or if you are unsure in any way to call and reschedule your appointment and follow the NHS advice.
If you are well and would like to attend your appointment you are welcome to bring your own gown, cream etc, if you'd prefer to do so.
Rest assured that we do our best to support you during this difficult time. We are providing an emergency mobile number (07565 472766) for free consultation and advice from a qualified Chiropractor.

Stay well
Brigg & Bargate clinics

No Obligation Consultation

Come and discuss your problem with one of our team of 9 Chiropractors to determine if Chiropractic can help your condition, if we can't help you,  we will recommend you the next step and there will be no charge. 
What is Chiropractic? 

Chiropractic is a primary health-care profession that specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and overall management of conditions that are due to problems with the joints, ligaments, tendons and nerves of the body, particularly those of the spine.
Treatment consists of a wide range of manipulative techniques designed to improve the function of the joints, relieving pain and muscle spasm.
Chiropractic does not involve the use of any drugs or surgery. Chiropractors work on all parts of the body, concentrating particularly on the spine, using their hands to perform skilled, precise manipulation. Chiropractors provide an individual 'package of care' whereby they support their treatment with a range of other techniques as well as advice about the patient's lifestyle, work and exercise in order to help in managing the condition and preventing a recurrence of the problem.
Chiropractors provide care for patients of all ages, who present with a range of acute and chronic conditions. As well as advice about self-help, exercise, diet and lifestyle, chiropractors often provide support for pain management, sports injuries and active rehabilitation.
British Chiropractic Association